About Us

Co-Founded by best mates Tom and Ryan in 2019, Hooroo Adventures has ultimately stemmed from their mutual passion for the outdoors.

Growing up in families that enjoyed travel, they have been regular visitors to some of Australia’s most scenic camping grounds, including the Kimberley, Fraser Island and the Victorian High Country. They have expertise in a plethora of exciting outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, sky diving, rock climbing and diving for more than a decade. The hobbyists turned business owners are now keen to share some of their most loved locations and recreational activities with other adventure seekers who are keen on having the most hassle-free camping experience.

Hooroo Adventures' key goal is to eliminate any stress associated with trip planning or equipment purchase by providing their customers with an all inclusive package of door-to-door transportation, high-end camping/activity gear and cooking gourmet meals with super fresh and high quality ingredients throughout the duration of the trip. 

Tom and Ryan have a range of licences and certifications including First Aid. They know the best course of action to provide their customers' with the ultimate care.