Savanna Chair

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The Helinox Savanna Chair is our favourite (and ones we personally use) in the range because:

  • being high off the ground meaning it's easier to get in and out of it;
  • it has arm rests and two cup holders; 
  • it is the most comfortable and roomy chair in the range; and
  • despite being one of the biggest in the range, it's still light-weight and compact enough to pile a few into the back of a small car!

The Savanna Chair is the limousine of lightweight and deluxe camping chairs.

Assembled Packed
Height 112 cm 15.5 cm
Width 70 cm 54.5 cm
Depth 79 cm 16 cm
Weight 1.78 kg 1.90 kg


Capacity 145 kg
Frame TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty 5 years