Table One Hard Top

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At less than one kilogram, Table One Hard Top is the perfect portable table for work or leisure.

The hard top is comprised of rigid panels sewn into a single fabric piece that folds up for storage. 

The 60 cm by 40 cm hard top is a great work surface for a laptop computer or tablet. Great for photographers – connect and download images from the camera without juggling the laptop on your knees.

Table One Hard Top is also a favorite among hobbyists – a clean, stable work surface to preflight that RC plane or drone.
When hunger strikes, Table One Hard Top is a natural match for Chair One or Chair Zero for a quick (or leisurely) meal. 
  Assembled Packed
Length 60 cm 40 cm
Width 40 cm 13 cm
Height 39 cm 12 cm
Weight 870 grams 970 grams
Capacity  50 kg
Frame TH72M alloy by DAC
Warranty 5 years